[Finding the perfect pen] Singing shows are my guilty pleasures...

Been watching the Voice most recently, and we've gotten up to the finals of the show. They're going to be showing the last two episodes tonight and tomorrow. I realized that there was stuff to be learned about management styles from it, so I scribbled about it in Eleven Minute Awesome.

There's some realizations that I'm making about life these days that are pretty spiffy - if I can only manage to use them more often, I'll actually bring them to light. There's stuff about my personal way of thinking that's starting to bug me, and I've discovered the difference between my college self and my 20+ after college self.

There's some awesome television coming up - there's True Blood, and Hell's Kitchen - we're going to see if Ben can win in Masterchef, I've been really enjoying the audition rounds of America's got Talent.. and I'm looking forward to watching Dexter and Sons of Anarchy. I don't watch American Idol.. but more of the Voice? Heck yeah.

[Finding the perfect pen] Mindfulness

So, today's foray into The Awesomeness Project has to do with qualities of awesome. There's gonna be some nifty changes coming up soon on the site, because I want to amp up stuff... and nom on more dharma crunchies.

My personal world, for the record, has calmed down. Yesterday brought some closures and some openings, and work from my client. Sometimes, it's hard to believe that my whole world revolves around a little over a cubic foot of space. If I'd go without the mouse and the plugin, it would BE a cubic foot. And to think, that cubic foot of space can be absolutely anywhere that there's little signals floating through the air. This is awe inspiring.

I love simplicity and having a foundation.

[Finding the perfect pen] 6/14/2011 03:52:00 AM

Oh, how my head is swirling this morning, but I can't figure out why. I guess that I dreamt well enough, but still feeling a little taken aback at the whole 'hey, I'm awake' sorta mode. There's a new entry in the Awesome Project for your reading pleasure, and hopefully you'll enjoy the fact that I can't get myself away from tower defense games. :)

This morning, feeling more like the calm within the storms. It's a very nice feeling.

[Finding the perfect pen] Giving up...

Give up.

It's the right thing to do sometimes. It's necessary sometimes, and nobody will look badly upon you for doing it. I got to this point yesterday. I had been on the computer for nigh on 12 hours or something, and wasn't feeling at all productive. I could feel the burbling in my head dying down to the point where it wasn't making sense anymore. If you have the passion going on for long periods of time, that's great, but I know that I need to take a break and give it up from time to time.

I feel sorta weird that yesterday's meal didn't have a name. It was chick peas and summer sausage with a concocted sauce... the name wouldn't be a thing except that I had names for the ones two days in a row before - Angels of Porcine Mercy and But Maryanne was Hotter. I'm hoping that I can come up with something reasonable tonight for food, because this cooking at home thing is SO much cheaper. It's truly awesome when there's things in the house to nom on.

there's a game that we used to play, that I'm going to go back to. It's the '$5 meal' game where the goal is to get every meal that you eat to a cost of under five bucks. You're looking at averages here, of course... and I found that eating out REALLY damages this. The reward, of course, for getting the meals as LOW as possible is to get to eat out. :)

So... the way that you play is to look at the last grocery receipt and take out all of the non food items. For me, the last food receipt was about $80, and then I take away $5 for toilet paper, leaving me with $75. TBH, I'm happy about the fact that it divides well. That means that between me and The Unlikely Mage, we have to eat 15 meals 'in' before again having the opportunity to eat out. With two people, it means 2.5 days of eating in (3 meals a day, per person) but I'm going to push the cost per meal down a little further, ,given that I'm not going to take the car today, and I'm planning on cooking. There's folks out there who are a LOT better at this than I am, but it's lessons learned. :)

[Finding the perfect pen] Doing... the do!

Over at Eleven Minute Awesome, there's an invigorated article about doing it over faking it. I really like how it turned out, so I figured that I'd try to get other folks to read it before it self destructs or something.

I was told that someone stopped following me because I was too motivated with my stuff, and that essentially I was too happy. My goals and this other person's goals did not mix anymore. Essentially, what I was told was that they were too depressed to really appreciate me. And I think, "surely that can't be the sole goal of this person - nobody really wants to be depressed all the time, right?" My brain kept trying to figure it out.

So, I'm wondering about the situations that exuberance and happiness, and relative contentedness and awesomeness wouldn't be appropriate. When is it important to NOT have a positive attitude? I mean, I'm definitely not wallowing in joyfulness all the time, but I'm working my way to get out of those times when it comes up. But this person... well, this person would rather wallow. I don't get it, do you?

[Finding the perfect pen] Musings

This morning's been one of those mornings where I'm feeling accomplished, but just a little bit behind the rest of the pack. I did a little bit of admin work for the bloggy thing that I'm ghost writing, ate some breakfast, got the towers of fiery hell going on Gemcraft Labyrinth, and then remembered that today was Thursday and that I should readmy own damned post on Eleven Minute Awesome. Oh, yeah. That. The advice comes as timely for me, because I sometimes forget.

I'm keeping on, keeping on. Mostly, I'm fighting against the whole need to categorize my work. For that, I turned to The Unlikely Mage for advice. He simplifies things that I overcomplicate, and, as usual, I was overcomplicating this one.

Well, back to the fun. :) I've got a client who left me a rather cryptic message about updating stuff.

[Finding the perfect pen] The Heroic Nature of Awesome

So, I've been posting regularly over at Eleven Minute Awesome, but I've not been posting here. The regular posting over there is primarily as a result of a cool little thing called content drip - I write out the posts when the inspiration strikes me, then dole them out like a little coffeemaker to get them all regular. What will happen is that there's like, well, a week or two already in there so in case I miss something I don't have to worry.

My world has been completely and totally goal driven. I've been working on my book for Three Motivational Quotes, but most of all... I've been writing a tiny little book just to prove to myself that I can do it. I completed the second draft (the handwriting part, anyway) just this morning, and when I type it, I'll be golden. The other part of my time has been spent working on chain mail stuff for charity.

Completed a chain mail bag yesterday! That's pretty spiffy, as it was my first. And, true to form, I immediately started on another one... taking the lessons that I learned from the first. I know that I can do MUCH better on the sewing and putting it together part. I'll have pictures soon enough - at least when I can figure out how to get enough light into the room for a reasonable pic.

Take a few moments to push for your dreams. It'll be worth it. :)

[Finding the perfect pen] Iron chefs and awesome

At Eleven Minute Awesome today, I talk about the steps that you have to take to become awesome. Everyone has their personal awesome stuffies inside, and it needs to get out and hang out and play. It's weird, though. When you tease it out, it develops and grows a little bit more and more. Kinda self perpetuating.

Speaking of which, we had iron chef type stuff last night instead of on Tuesday. It came out really really great. I made rice, green beans, and chicken in a red wine sauce with radishes incorporated into the sauce. I had no idea that the red wine and the radishes would get along so well together! I was even told that my cooking skills are getting better, which gave me all types of warm fuzzies.

One of the things that I've been lacking at the Eleven Minute Awesome blog is cohesion. There's a theme, to be sure, but it's not united in a single front and toward a single purpose. I've finally found the glue that will bring everything together, but it's taking a lot to get the posts rewritten and rewired to make into something else. I have no problems rewriting, but I do have to acknowledge that it takes time.

Hopefully everyone out there is having an awesome day! :)

And the world keeps turning. :)

So, I actually looked at the post that I had scheduled for Eleven Minute Awesome and thought, "No. That's not going to work." I rescheduled it for New Year's Eve, and went with the one that was next in line. I realize that most of the part of awesomeness is DOING something, but this was just a bit too negative, and read more like a rant than anything else. This was something that.. while highly passionate, was angry and irritating. Instead, today's post is about the tiny steps that you have to take toward your personal awesomeness. So, it was the first time that I've scrambled to replace a post.

My world is going pretty well. I asked The Unlikely Mage to challenge me with our meals by 'Iron Chef'ing me during the week. Yesterday's ingredient was fish steaks. I was absolutely and completely amazed at how little consistency they have when they're taken out of the little cans. They practically disintegrated to the air. Today's ingredient is radishes - I'm going to work on my baking and roasting (or, at least I'm going to put stuff in the Pyrex container)

Other than that, been working on a book of motivational quotes and working for my client. I've been playing my share of Gemcraft:Labryinth and having fond, exciting thoughts about flea markets (I am planning to be a vendor, soon enough) and wondering what exactly can be done with radishes in an entree. :)

[Finding the perfect pen] Vectors of Awesome

My head's a little swirly and spinny this morning, though I know that
I'll be a lot better after I get some food into me. Fortunately, I was
able to get my post out for Eleven Minute Awesome - I'd written that a
little bit ago in response to some of the things that were going on.
This stuff is really important to me - if you've got friends who need a
little awesome in their lives, tell them to drop by the site. I'm
hoping that I 'come to' sometime soon, so I don't have to keep trudging

Life is made up of change. :)